How it Works

View your shoot online and purchase individual items by clicking the ‘ORDER ONLINE‘ button in menu bar above. You will be prompted to enter your password and email address before entry into your gallery.

For more value for your money, purchase a PRINT PACKAGE. Packages include multiple print items at a lower cost.

To purchase a package:
1. Click here to see Package options and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below chosen package.
2. If you have already logged into your gallery (with password and email address) you will be directed back to your gallery, if not click the ‘ORDER ONLINE‘ button in menu bar above and enter your gallery.
3. Your chosen package will now show next to each image under the “Assign this image to your package” section.
4. Navigate to the image you would like printed on an item. Click the dropdown to select your package then allocate that image to chosen item in the package and click ‘Assign to Package’. Once you have assigned an image to a package item that item will show as greyed-out. For packages with class photos, we will automatically add the class photo to your purchase so you do not need to assign an image to that item.
5. You will not be able to checkout until you have filled all items in the package. Go to your Cart to see which items are still outstanding.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one type of Package may be added to an order, for example you cannot order 2 x Package One in one order. If you would like to order the same Package option for 2 different children (sets of photos) please do so in 2 separate transactions. Thank you for your patience we are working on resolving this issue!